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Why good headphones significantly enhance your game

Updated: Jan 22

I've generally used earphones when I game; for me it's the best way to submerge my mind totally. I find they permit me to lose myself in the experience and disregard the numerous interruptions that never-endingly pester at my mind. More than anything - and as numerous experts will bear witness to - earphones make us a more talented gamer.

Everything began way back in 2014 with my Marshalls 2 Bluetooth Headphones. I had my own PS4 subsequent after sharing one with my Father. I became burnt out on offering the machine to him. He never truly comprehended how 'sharing' should function. Along these lines, now that my PS4 was in my room and connected to my antiquated Commodore 64 inch screen, I wanted sound. That is the point at which I recalled that I had purchased a couple of remote Sennheiser earphones a couple of months sooner. I taped my messed up headset to the earphones (any individual who didn't break the first PS4's behind the neck plastic thing merits an honor), exchanged voice visit to speaker mode and began "pwning n00bz" in Beaver Stream. What I had basically made was some kind of ancient variant of the present current Turtle Ocean side or Tritton gaming headsets.

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